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Dexter Fights for Animal Rights!

Dexter Just started a new Facebook Page for this and would love to see you all LIKE the page!! He will be searching the net for stories, articles, and information on all sorts of animal rights issues along with sharing adoptable dogs and cats daily! Click the link below and hit the LIKE button!

This section is going to be updated over time with the best links for all things animal rights; everything from petitions that can be signed to stop puppy mills to where you can buy vegeterian or vegan beauty products, and everything in between! There is even a separate Facebook and Twitter account being set up just for Dexter Fights for Animal Rights, so stary tuned for a ton of information on how to help all of our furry friends!

Eventually we would love to have a directory of as many rescue groups across North America as we can get, by city, to help people find and give deserving homes to lovable newfuriends!