Little Pup. Big Personality. This is Dexter's Ruff Life!

About the Dexter's Ruff Life Crew!

Since October 2007 Dexter has lived with his current mommy but she is still not sure exactly where he came from. Dexter was initially bought from a "breeder" by a very young couple that realized early on that they had under estimated the amount of time and energy a little puppy requires. They chose his current mommy as his new parent after mommy fell in love with him the moment she set eyes on him. She was given the breeders contact information but emails were never answered and the website disappeared after a few months. Dexter has bad knees and is slightly bow legged which is a pretty good sign that he was not bred under the best of conditions.

Dexter loves to travel and in the past has lived for 5 months in Costa Rica, taken a road trip across Peru for 2 months and had been on many road trips around Ontario. The beach is his favourite place and LOVES the play with fallen coconuts.

In mid 2010 Dexter approached him mommy with the idea of becoming more famous than Lassie. He presented her with many script ideas for cute and funny short films that he wanted to produce. Since his mommy had a Film Production degree that she wasn't using her skills from, she agreed to help him on his quest, on the condition that once he gians popularity, he must also work towards raising awarness about puppymills, encourage people to not buy puppies from pet stores, to spay and neuter their pets, and to raise general animal rights awarness. Slowly Dexter is incorporating awarness on these important issues while also keeping the main goal of Dexter's Ruff Life; making people smile!


In 2011 Dexter's Ruff Life welcomed a new, tiny addition to the family! Peppermint is a small but feisty little yorkie that has grown to be too smart for her own good at times. She has also grown to be a huge fan favourite and has quickly grown her own following

Mommy (Alana) was born and raised in a small Northwestern Ontario city of Thunder Bay. She studied Film Production there and moved to Toronto, Ontario shortly after graduating. She worked in the film industry for a while, but the long hours and pretentious people made her re-think her career choice. When Dexter presented her with the idea of Dexter's Ruff Life, she jumped on the oportunity to help and spend time with her beloved pup!

Mommy would love to make Dexter's Ruff Life an eventual full time thing along with her other buisiness (she owns an operates a Photo Booth company) but needs your help! If you like the videos, PLEASE share them to help grow the fan base of Dexter's Ruff Life and spread a smile along the way!